“A seed requires light, sun and water to grow. Or else it withers away with the winds”

 Ashiyana is at the forefront in seeding this belief that our systems need to be relooked at from a punitive system to a restorative approach.  Apart from working with various stakeholders, we are bridging the gap and understanding of ‘what criminals are?’ (Probably humans!).

Through reflection circles, we have worked with public prosecutors, Magistrates and members of the Juvenile Justice Board to help them understand young people beyond their circumstances and the labels that they are given; street child, offender, orphan, criminal. Bringing them face-to-face with young people affected by the justice system humanizes children who were previously nothing more than case numbers. This in itself creates powerful experiences that motivates imagining a different and more restorative justice system.

Annual workshop on Restorative Practices: In association with Ahimsa collective, we hold an annual workshop for policy makers, changemakers, filed workers and organisations practising Restorative approaches.

 Circle trainings: To further embed our work, we also deliver trainings in circle work and restorative practices. ​